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Susan Sharp

Susan Sharp

Susan Sharp grew up in Eastern Iowa on the banks of the Mississippi river.  That rural upbringing irrevocably shaped her to love quiet, fresh air, and open spaces.  But for all the quiet she craves, she has a 24/7 internal buzz of creative ideas and she often cannot get them on paper fast enough.  Susan just recently left her job as a professor of theatre and public speaking after 23 years to focus full time on honing her skills as a motivational speaker, artist, playwright and author. Susan loves dogs, sewing, singing, Big Band music, crafting and baking among many other things; she resides in Galesburg, Illinois for now. Thanks for reading about us--the whole team of people behind Susan at A Sharp Difference, LLC thanks you! 

Book cover Mid-Life Wisdom

Susan's book is just out! For those of you nearing mid-life, this book is part wisdom from Susan's own life and part journal for you to capture you're own wisdom!  It's just available on 

Amazon:  and 

Barnes & Noble:  

or please ask for it in your local bookstore:  ISBN: 978-1-7322276-0-6

Susan will be doing book signings in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee in the near future.

Susan Sharp's art as pictured on the set of Orange is the New Black.

Susan's Art is On Orange is the New Black!

On the set of the newest season of Orange is the new Black, is a piece of Susan's art!  She was contacted by the set director in summer of 2018 and when the new season aired July 26, 2019, she was binge watching it to see this and 3 other pieces.  In the first photo Susan is with the piece at The Midwest Collage Society's Summer 2017 show and her solo show Well-Traveled, in the Lonnie Eugene Stewart Gallery, Summer 2018.  In the 2nd and 3rd photos you can see actors Alicia Witt and Taylor Schilling in front of the piece which is called Scordatura.