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Keynote Speaker

Humor, Insight and Light bulb Moments

     Susan Sharp is a motivational speaker that helps people get unstuck. After a string of successes outside of higher education, including her new book, Mid-Life Wisdom, and her art selected for use on the set of the Netflix drama Orange is the New Black, Susan has just left life as a professor of theatre and public speaking to focus on her own speaking, art and writing--all of which are about bringing a message of hope to people who feel stuck.  

     Whether as a keynote speaker, a workshop leader or in a small group Q & A, Susan helps break through the boundaries that are limiting you or your team and gets them to re-frame the problems they're facing.   From church volunteer teams to educational and non-profit organizations, Susan can help!  Let her show you how to move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.  Susan wants to have real conversations about things that are keeping you in a rut! 

     Her positive, motivational speaking inspires audiences to action. Whether its a mid-life rut, a lackluster workplace or motivation to aim and dream bigger, Susan can help you reach your audience with lasting impact.  Susan speaks and writes about nurturing our creativity, finding one's most meaningful work, how to move beyond our past into a glorious future, teaching in higher education, the challenges of Christian living, and about the competing values which lead to interpersonal breakdowns.  As a Color Code Certified Independent Trainer, Susan can show you how to work with others with disparate ways of thinking.

    Susan is passionate about excellent communication and she gives each audience a loving kick in the patootie to make the changes they must while affirming the greatness that's already present.  

Susan speaks to The Illinois Community College Student Activities Association
Susan speaks to The Illinois Community College Student Activities Association